It’s a Boy!…Part 3

its a boy

      It’s been a couple weeks now since I found out that I am expecting my third baby boy. I still cannot believe it! Never thought I would have all boys, but I already have the most amazing sons and I know this little angel will be just as amazing. Of course I already mentioned to my hubs on a few different occasions that we can try for the little girl next (he’s not really having it though…lol).
      I feel so lucky and blessed to know that I have another healthy beautiful baby boy in my belly. When I was watching him in the ultrasound the entire time I thought to myself he looks just like Christian and he looks just like Logan. And I know my boys are very excited to be big brothers to a baby brother and all three or them are going to be the best of friends. While I know I don’t get to meet him until January, I can already imagine them all playing cars and trucks together, running around in the backyard, digging in the mud and rough housing in the living room. Unfortunately, that includes fighting over the same toys as well, which really does drive me crazy 🙂 .
      Everyone likes to tell me the main advantage of having the same gender is all the hand-me-downs. Even though I have a lot of little boy clothes and toys and I know I will get a lot more use out of them I always promised myself that when I had children they would have some of their own things as well. Just from visiting a few of my favorite baby stores and websites I have already seen so many cute little things that I want to buy for my new little prince. And I promise to do a post really soon about some of my favorite baby brands and the things I cannot live without. Now, if anyone has any suggestions for names I’m all ears!!


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