Simple, Two Step Pedicure


This Little Piggy went to Market, This Little Piggy stayed Home…and gave herself a Two Step Pedicure

Hooray!! Summer is right around the corner. Day dreams of barbecues, pool parties and ice cold lemonade are almost a reality. But before I break out my flip flops and sandals for the season, I need to give my feet a little special attention. Hour long pedicures at the nail salon are a thing of the past, for me. With three young children to care for I barely have 10 minutes to myself. So that is exactly why I give my feet some necessary pampering in as little as 5 minutes. That’s right, you are just two simple steps away from smooth touchable toes.


  • Bentonite Clay (I usually use Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secrets)
  • Foot File or Pumice Stone (I have an old one from Revlon that still works really well)
  • a glass container with a plastic top




  1. Mix 1 tbs. of bentonite clay with just enough water to make a paste and shake until the water and clay are all mixed together. Apply the clay mixture to each foot in a relaxing circular motion. Allow the clay to stay on your feet for at least five minutes. (However; I have removed it in as little as 3 minutes and my feet still felt the really good)
  2. After washing off all the clay, gently rub a foot file in long strokes going in the same direction to remove any dry, cracked skin
  3. I know, I know I said two steps, but… It is a good idea to apply some organic lotion to your feet after you are all done and wear some cotton socks on top to give your feet a little extra moisture

And thats it! I usually do this right before a shower so that I can just rinse the clay off in the shower. Sometimes, if I have a little more “me” time I will soak my feet in some warm water and epsom/magnesium salts afterwards, as well. Just make sure not to walk around with the clay on your feet because it is SLIPPERY!

Bentonite clay has been known to remove built up toxins from the body, so I always feel so refreshed and relaxed after my pedicure. It is such an amazing feeling. And if you have any left over clay mixture you can always apply it to your face 🙂 .
Let me know what your favorite ways to pamper your feet are in the comments below!! And now it is time for me to put on my sandals and mix up a pitcher of lemonade!


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