A Little Bit About Me…

Diamond White Daisies| About Me

Hello, Welcome to Diamond White Daisies!! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my goal of this blog.

About Me

My name is Karen and I am a wife and a mama to three amazing little boys. It feels like a life time ago, that I was a full time nursery nurse with just one child. However, after my second son was born, my husband and I decided it was time for me to stay home full time. This was a huge change for me and I found it even more important to learn how to create the things that I love on a budget. Making stuff myself is more than possible and is actually very fun! I like to take ideas and keep them simple and easy. After all caring for three boys does not leave me a lot of time!
I am a born and raised girly-girl who loves all things pink, pretty, and polka-dotted. I love things full of bows and sparkle (but never glitter-not a fan of glitter) and flowers… flowers everywhere!! Unfortunately, having three boys makes it a bit of a challenge to keep things girly, but I certainly try.

Why Daisies?

I love the simple look of daisies and how something that is so simple can have such a delicate and natural beauty. They are not as bold as roses nor as flashy as peonies. But they brighten up every room and they bring a smile to my face. Which is exactly the goal of my blog. I want to take simple natural things and turn them into something beautiful.
Within the last few years, I have really taken every effort to eliminate as many toxic things from my life and environment as possible. As you can imagine this is a huge challenge on a tight budget. If you ever looked at the prices of non-toxic and organic products you know what I’m talking about. But as I like to say “where there is a will, there is a way”. I believe that I can provide a healthy home for my family that is still full of beautiful things.
This is why DIY-ing my stuff is the only way to go. I like to buy unfinished wood products and finish them naturally and I like to buy organic fabrics and turn them into exactly what I want. And this is just the start…

I believe that we can have it all…a life full of luxury and health!