Stop Static Hair

Winter weather has officially made its way here to Northern New Jersey. As well as, most of the country. I can’t honestly remember ever experiencing single digit temperatures before, but here I am.

To say it is cold is an understatement. It is not the kind of weather I want to be out and about it. Unfortunately, much like everyone else out there I had to go food shopping in these frigid temperatures.

Cue the bulky winter jacket, scarf, hat and mittens. In addition to the winter gear and the fleecy sweatpants I was not looking to make any fashion statements to say the least. But I still wanted to look like I took a little time to get ready before I ran out the door. And then it happened…
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The Night Before Christmas Traditions

With Christmas Eve a little less than a day away, I thought it might be kind of fun to share some of my family’s fun Christmas Eve traditions.

8 am: Starting in the morning, right after breakfast, the kids and I bake organic cookies for Santa. It is always a fight over who gets which cookie cutter. My personal favorite is the snowflake. My kids let me use that one every year 🙂 .
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Pretty Poinsettia Wreath

Jingle Jingle…do I hear Kris Kringle?
My now four year old (ahh…how is he four years old already!?) asks if Santa, the reindeer or if Santa’s sleigh is here every time he opens and closes the door. I just tell him he is being silly and tell him it is the pretty poinsettia wreath on the door. And then he giggles. But the slight jingle from all the bells may be my favorite part of this wreath.

Although the pretty flowers are nice to look at as well.
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Shimmering Candy Cane Ornaments

Candy Cane Wishes Make For Lots of Minty Kisses…

Last year after Christmas, I joined the masses of bargain shoppers and bought a bunch of children’s Christmas books and decorations for 50% off. When I got home that day, I put them all straight into the box of Christmas stuff, taped it up and put it away for the year.
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Candy Corn Votives

Halloween wouldn’t be Complete, Without the Look of a Certain Yellow, Orange and White Treat

I have personally never cared for the taste of candy corn at all. But I have always loved the look of it. It is just so cute and Halloween-y!

If you feel the same way about candy corn as I do then these candy corn votives are the perfect decoration for your home. And if you do happen to enjoy candy corn as a Halloween treat, well, this is still a cute decoration for you too!
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Healthy Halloween!

Halloween: dressing up in a costume and getting candy from your neighbors.

It doesn’t sound so scary! No wonder children love it so much!

I remember when I was a kid I would have my costume picked out months before Halloween. Then the day of, was a day full of fun, fun, fun! Fun activities in school, a costume parade and then of course rushing through dinner to get in a night full of trick or treating! We wouldn’t stop until our pillowcases were full. The worst part of the night was always when my parents would empty all the candy out and go through each piece- they were looking for hard candies, lollipops and then anything that looked like it might have been opened.
After that everything was ours. We used to hate when our parents used to confiscate our candy, but those were the rules.
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BOO! to You

“Boo! Did I scare you?”
I swear this is the thing my boys say the most to me. Even my 1 1/2 year old runs out from around the corner with his little hands up by his face yelling “BOO!”. So I thought it was only fitting that I made a wreath for the upcoming Halloween season, using the most popular phrase in my house.
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BOO! to You”


Glass Jar Vase

Make Something Old… New Again!!
I always get a little excited when I finish a jar of something, anything really! I am also a little weird- I guess. Once the jar is emptied it can then be used for something else. And hopefully it is something more fun than its use before.

Now, I am not going to lie I have a cabinet full of empty jars that just get used over and over to store leftovers- not very fun I know. But it serves a purpose and makes my life easier. Plus these kind of jars save a lot of space in the refrigerator.
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Glass Jar Vase


Lilly Pulitzer Binder

“Not always sunny, But in a Sunny State of Mind” -Lilly Pulitzer
I can’t be the only one who is in shock that August made its way onto the calendar the other day, can I? It feels like I waited forever for summer to come and in a blink of an eye its already leaving. How can this be?

And with the start of August comes the start of back to school planning,for this homeschooling mama. I have only pushed it off and pushed it off until I have a few weeks to go now and I can’t push it off any longer. For me, the hardest part of my planning process is figuring out where to start. It all just seems so overwhelming!
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Lilly Pulitzer Binder”


Gingham Ribbon Headband

Are you looking for something to do with that left over gingham ribbon from when you made a pair of gingham bow flip flops (learn to make them here)?

Are you looking for the perfect summer headband?

Do you love to wear headbands but hate when they slowly slide out of your hair?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you came to the right place!

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Gingham Ribbon Headband”