BOO! to You

“Boo! Did I scare you?”
I swear this is the thing my boys say the most to me. Even my 1 1/2 year old runs out from around the corner with his little hands up by his face yelling “BOO!”. So I thought it was only fitting that I made a wreath for the upcoming Halloween season, using the most popular phrase in my house.

If I am being honest I have wanted to make a BOO! Halloween wreath for a few years now but I never really knew how I wanted to execute it. Wood letters never really seemed cost effective to me and I know first hand how difficult they can be to attach together.

Then about a week ago I was laying in bed thinking about it and wondered why I never tried to use cardboard. I mean after all I always have cardboard in some way shape or form laying around my house. *Professional Online Shopper here*

And surprisingly enough it worked!! It was an a-ha moment for me and now I can’t stop thinking about all the other things I can make using left over cardboard- yay!

Before I get ahead of myself though, let me show you the steps I took to make this cute Halloween wreath.


  • cardboard
  • scrapbook paper
  • school glue/hot glue gun


    1. First, I made a stencil for the actual letters. I used the font face arial rounded in size 170 and carefully cut out each letter. Then I traced the letters onto my piece of cardboard. And cut them out. For the exclamation point I attached the line and the dot so that I wouldn’t have to attach them later.

Yes, I really used all three pairs of scissors to cut everything out…lol
    1. Next, take those same “stencils” and trace them onto the scrapbook paper. Just make sure to leave a little bit of extra space around each letter because you will be wrapping the paper around the cardboard.

    1. Using just regular old school glue I glued the cardboard letter into the center of the scrapbook paper. Now you need to wrap the letter. To wrap: cut slits in the paper up to the cardboard. Then pull the paper as tight to the cardboard as possible and glue it down.

    1. It is a good idea to seal all the letters before finally assembling it. I used a 1:1 mixture of glue and water. I try to stay away from modpodge because it is toxic and has a strong smell that I do not want to be inhaling.
    2. To assemble: First attach the witch hat to the “B” with some hot glue. Them, I slightly overlapped the letters and used hot glue to secure them. For the exclamation point I used a small piece of popsicle stick to attach it to the last “O”. I used another piece of popsicle stick to make the exclamation point a little bit sturdier.

    1. The final step would be to attach some ribbon so you can hang your wreath up. I still have to make a trip to the store to get some ribbon. I think I will just get thin black satin ribbon and just tie it in a bow. But until then, it has found the perfect spot on my desk. Which is will it will stay until next week, when October is officially here.

Update: I finally got around to the store to get the black ribbon. The wreath is now hanging on my front door. Just in time for Halloween!

Now, that I have my Halloween wreath done I need to move on to the rest of my house.

8 thoughts on “
BOO! to You”

  1. I love this project! It is simple and all of the supplies are things we have in our house.
    I am going to do this with my kids for a halloween decoration.

  2. This is an ingenious use of materials you readily have on hand. I never would have known this was cardboard! Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  3. Such a great idea! I might do that for my front door this year. Do you have a picture of the whole thing hanging in the house? Please share!

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