Candy Corn Votives

Halloween wouldn’t be Complete, Without the Look of a Certain Yellow, Orange and White Treat

I have personally never cared for the taste of candy corn at all. But I have always loved the look of it. It is just so cute and Halloween-y!

If you feel the same way about candy corn as I do then these candy corn votives are the perfect decoration for your home. And if you do happen to enjoy candy corn as a Halloween treat, well, this is still a cute decoration for you too!

All you need for this easy, adorable craft is a pair of glass votives and some glass paint in the traditional candy corn colors: yellow, orange and white.


    • The first step is to use some tape to mark off where each color section is going to go. I chose to do this one at a time but you could do all three sections at the same time if you want.

  • The next step and also final step is to paint (yay!). But here is my advice for you: do lots of super thin layers! If you make them too thick the paint will dry with a lot of texture. Which was not the look that I was going for at all! Also allow the paint to dry between each coat. I waited at least a half hour between each coat sometimes more.

It is really that simple. It is a little time consuming with all the coats of paint, though. I didn’t count how many coats of each color that I did, but if I had to guess I would say at least 10. I kept going until the paint stopped looking clear and streaky and started to look opaque.

After I finished all three colors and gave the whole votive a couple days to fully dry and cure, I went through and touched up any spots where I got any orange paint on yellow paint or where I got any white paint on orange paint.

Now all they need is a pair of beeswax candles in them and I am all set for Halloween!

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