Healthy Halloween!

Halloween: dressing up in a costume and getting candy from your neighbors.

It doesn’t sound so scary! No wonder children love it so much!

I remember when I was a kid I would have my costume picked out months before Halloween. Then the day of, was a day full of fun, fun, fun! Fun activities in school, a costume parade and then of course rushing through dinner to get in a night full of trick or treating! We wouldn’t stop until our pillowcases were full. The worst part of the night was always when my parents would empty all the candy out and go through each piece- they were looking for hard candies, lollipops and then anything that looked like it might have been opened.
After that everything was ours. We used to hate when our parents used to confiscate our candy, but those were the rules.
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Eco-Friendly Diapers

Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Diapers|Diamond White Daisies

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my weekend. Everything was going smoothly, the same way every weekend before it has. And then somehow, completely out of the blue, the unthinkable happened! I managed to run out of diapers! Oh no, after a moment of shock and disbelief, I knew what I needed to do. Obviously there was not enough time for me to place an order online, so it was time for me to make a diaper run…dun dun dun!
But fear not, this little adventure has presented me with the unique opportunity to review some of the brands that I would not have tried if it weren’t for my poor lack of planning.
I am very picky when it comes to the items that come into close contact with my babies. As you can see from my list of top baby picks here. Especially with something that comes into such close contact with very delicate skin.
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Eco-Friendly Diapers”


Must Have Baby Items

Must Have Baby Items

Rubber, Baby, Buggy, Bumpers..Rubber, Baby, Buggy, Bumpers

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I was so excited to go to our local Babies ‘R Us and register for our upcoming baby shower. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and what I would need to raise our impending bundle of joy. Until we got there. One trip to a baby store these days can leave your head spinning. There are so many different items and brands that it can be hard to decide what you really need and what is just a waste of money and space. Then you are given a list of items and how many of that item to register for.So like good, new parents we followed that list to a tee. And it turned out we didn’t need half of that stuff after all and many of the items remained unused. Now obviously every baby is different and every situation is different, but I made a list of the baby items that I use on a regular basis and the brands that I prefer.

(Side Note: before purchasing anything for baby I always look at the age range and maximum weight to determine if it is truly worth purchasing.)
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Must Have Baby Items”


It’s a Boy!…Part 3

its a boy

      It’s been a couple weeks now since I found out that I am expecting my third baby boy. I still cannot believe it! Never thought I would have all boys, but I already have the most amazing sons and I know this little angel will be just as amazing. Of course I already mentioned to my hubs on a few different occasions that we can try for the little girl next (he’s not really having it though…lol).
      I feel so lucky and blessed to know that I have another healthy beautiful baby boy in my belly. When I was watching him in the ultrasound the entire time I thought to myself he looks just like Christian and he looks just like Logan. And I know my boys are very excited to be big brothers to a baby brother and all three or them are going to be the best of friends. While I know I don’t get to meet him until January, I can already imagine them all playing cars and trucks together, running around in the backyard, digging in the mud and rough housing in the living room. Unfortunately, that includes fighting over the same toys as well, which really does drive me crazy 🙂 .
      Everyone likes to tell me the main advantage of having the same gender is all the hand-me-downs. Even though I have a lot of little boy clothes and toys and I know I will get a lot more use out of them I always promised myself that when I had children they would have some of their own things as well. Just from visiting a few of my favorite baby stores and websites I have already seen so many cute little things that I want to buy for my new little prince. And I promise to do a post really soon about some of my favorite baby brands and the things I cannot live without. Now, if anyone has any suggestions for names I’m all ears!!