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Allow me to tell you a little bit about my weekend. Everything was going smoothly, the same way every weekend before it has. And then somehow, completely out of the blue, the unthinkable happened! I managed to run out of diapers! Oh no, after a moment of shock and disbelief, I knew what I needed to do. Obviously there was not enough time for me to place an order online, so it was time for me to make a diaper run…dun dun dun!
But fear not, this little adventure has presented me with the unique opportunity to review some of the brands that I would not have tried if it weren’t for my poor lack of planning.
I am very picky when it comes to the items that come into close contact with my babies. As you can see from my list of top baby picks here. Especially with something that comes into such close contact with very delicate skin.

Why choose Eco-Friendly?

Conventional diapers are a source of many toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. According to

“Most conventional disposable diapers are bleached with chlorine, which produces dioxins – one of which is the most toxic of all cancer-causing chemicals. These dioxins end up in the environment and ultimately in our food.”

Eco-friendly diapers, avoid the use of chlorine in their diapers, which is a good first step and also many other chemicals that may be present. They also list all of their ingredients on the package- something that conventional diaper companies do not do. It is also important to avoid any kind of dyes, lotions and fragrances. also states:

“Some disposable diaper manufacturers add synthetic fragrance to mask odors, dyes to make the diapers cute, and even lotions to supposedly help baby’s skin. The truth is, most of these additions probably do more harm than good. For example, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that up to 20 percent of diaper rash cases could be caused by exposure to the petroleum-based dyes used in diapers.”

There are so many eco-friendly options how do I know which ones to Choose

Luckily for you, I have tested out many of the top eco-friendly brands on my little test subjects. Just to let you know I purchased all of these brands on my own to use on my children. I am just a mother with two little ones in diapers, and a former nursery nurse with a lot of diapering experience.


Diapers from Honest Company  and Bambo Nature
Diapers from Honest Company and Bambo Nature


  1. Honest Company: Perhaps the most well known company in the eco-friendly world. These diapers are well known for their super cute designs for both girls and boys. It is clearly listed right on their package that they are free from chlorine processing, latex, lotions, fragrances, most common allergens, phthalates, optical brighteners, or organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT). It all sounds good on paper, but I personally have had issues with these diapers leaking and not containing messes properly. They also have a rougher exterior than all the other diapers that I use. I will only purchase these diapers in a pinch, much like I was this past weekend. Also, their absorbent core is made from corn and wheat which raises concerns over GMOs. I do have some concerns over just how honest the honest company really is, but some of the designs are really hard to resist.

  3. Seventh Generation: Seventh generation diapers have an ultra-absorbent core free from chlorine bleaching as well as lotions and fragrances. It appears Seventh Generation is jumping on the bandwagon now offering cute designs as well, that are also free from lead and heavy metals. These diapers are FSC certified, which means that the wood pulp was harvested sustainably. I do like these diapers and have rarely had issues with leaks. They are a lot thinner than other diapers, which makes moving around easier for my son. My only issue is whenever I go to the store to purchase them, the sizes I need or never available. I guess, that means that they are a popular choice among many other mothers as well.

  5. Earth’s Best: Earth’s Best line of TenderCare diapers are hypoallergenic, chlorine free, latex free, dye free, and fragrance free. Just like Honest Company they have a core made from corn and wheat, which also has no designation of being free from GMOs. I have used these diapers once a few years ago and personally never really cared for them. I had some issues with leaks and they are not carried in the stores that I usually frequent.

  7. Babyganics: Their “ultra-absorbent” diapers contain no chlorine, latex, petroleum based lotions or fragrances. The Babyganics website simply states that they are “made with natural & renewable resources”. I am not really sure what that means. Their diapers also contain a wetness indicator which raises red flags in my book about the chemicals they may use to create the reaction. To be fair, I have never actually used these diapers. I did purchase these diapers this weekend with the intention of using them, but then promptly returned them after reading the package more carefully. They contain “a 100% natural NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend to help nurture & support baby’s skin.” I personally want to choose the kinds and the qualities of oils and lotions that are near my baby’s bottom so I decided that this was not the diaper for us. Based on customer reviews however, some parents swear by it and that is your own personal choice.

  9. Bambo Nature: Last, but not least my favorite of the eco-friendly diapers. Bambo Nature are actually from Denmark and are certified with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label. As stated on Bambo’s website “The Nordic Swan Eco-label is your guarantee that products have been manufactured with care and consideration for the environment, showing you that the product does not have ingredients such as perfumes, lotions, flame retardants, PVC or other ingredients”. They are also FSC certified and Dermatologically certified. These diapers are very soft and very rarely leak. I have also never had any issues with diaper rash. I have used these with confidence for about 3 years now. They do tend to run on the expensive side and I can only find them online but they are definitely worth it.


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