Gingham Bow Flip Flops

All I need in life is some Sunshine and a cute pair of Flip Flops!

Yay Summer is finally here!! I have been waiting a whole year for this day to come. Just knowing that the season of beach days, picnics, and barbecues is finally upon us is enough for me to click my flip flops and jump for joy! Of course, before you enjoy any of these fun summer activities, you need the perfect pair of shoes.

In honor of the first day of summer I decided to refresh a pair of my basic, boring, black flip-flops and turn them into something way more exciting. If you are anything like me (and own a million pairs) this post is for you!
There is no better way, that I can think of, than to update the official shoe of summer than by adding the official print of summer…a little GINGHAM anybody. Throw in some bows and you now have flip flops that will make any summer outing more fun!

But First a Note on Flip Flops: I personally purchase flip flops made from 100% rubber. Most of the cheaper flip flops you find all over store shelves, this time of year are made from cheap foams and/or pvc. Both are toxic and can have negative effects on your health and body.


  • A pair of rubber flip flops (any color will do)
  • Gingham ribbon (I decided to match the color of the gingham print to the color of my flip flops, but it may be fun to mix and match colors)
  • And a hot glue gun


  1. The steps are pretty simple here. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 13 inches in length and tie into bows. It is important that the bows look as similar as possible so that both shoes match.
  2. I recommend folding up the bottom of the ribbon and using a little hot glue to hold it in place. This prevents the ribbon from fraying and looking all sloppy. But just a tip-I used a scissor to push the ribbon down to prevent burning my fingers.
  3. Finally, using hot glue attach the bows to the front of your flip flops. I have had no problems with the bows falling off from normal wear (i.e. chasing after and caring for my four little men), but if the hot glue is not providing a strong enough hold a little super glue should do the trick.

Now get out there and rock your new and improved Gingham Bow Flip Flops.
But first, if your feet are in need of a little, ahem, special attention check out my post on how to give yourself a simple, two step pedicure here.

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