Kate Spade inspired file folders

Kate Spade inspired file folders|Diamond White Daisies

Ahhh, spring is finally here. And with the warm air, birdies chirping and flowers blooming comes the cleaning. For me, the first place I thought to start was the dreaded file cabinet. I have papers stuffed in there from possibly six or more years ago that I am sure I don’t need anymore. And the worst part is, when I go in there to find papers I know I put in there it is as if they have vanished into thin air.
So my mission is a two step process. Step 1: toss out the old papers and Step 2: organize the papers I need to keep into the correct folders. Ugh…I would much rather be sitting outside enjoying the nice weather headed my way 😉
To make this job more enjoyable I knew that I needed to brighten up those plain old manila folders- so that is exactly what I did. A while back I noticed Kate Spade sold file folders that came with gold stripes and gold polka dots…I loved them a lot, with the exception of the high price tag. But I knew they would be an easy thing to emulate. I started with the stripe ones. Kate Spade’s were just plain horizontal lines-I decided to make them a little more exciting I would make mine diagonal.


I started off by taping off diagonal lines (don’t mind the red Christmas tape it is all that I could find at the time). I didn’t measure anything- I just eyeballed it.


Then I used metallic gold acrylic paint that I had laying around from Christmas. I believe I purchased it in Michaels for about $1. And after 3 coats I gently removed the tape. There was a tiny bit of bleeding but it didn’t really bother me, since it is just going in the file cabinet anyway.
Next, I made the polka dots. I tried a few different ways to make these and none of them turned out right. But like they say the third time is a charm and finally, I found something that worked.


I traced a regular water bottle cap in random spots on the folder and then just colored in the polka dots with Crayola metallic markers.


It was super easy and came out really cute, I think. I made the first one gold and then decided to switch it up and made one a metallic pink and then a metallic purple.
Now all that’s left is putting them to use. Wish me luck…lol.



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