Kate Spade inspired Glitter Frame

“She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” -Kate Spade
I make no secret about my love of all things Kate Spade! Between the sparkle and the bows and the polka dots! It’s all so girly and bright! And the fact that I can have Kate Spade for my daily bag, my shoes, in my kitchen and on my mantle it can be kind of hard to resist sometimes!! However; I realize that sometimes a frame is just a frame. And a frame covered in gold glitter is still just a frame covered in gold glitter- especially if it is without a Kate Spade ♠️ label on the front.

I was in Macys the other day, looking to spend a gift card from my birthday, and I stumbled upon the Kate Spade Simply Sparkling Collection. The name alone makes me want the whole collection just because…but the price tag stopped me. After all it is still just a gold frame with glitter. And while I can’t make the exact replica of it, I can certainly make one that is super close.

Now, I’ve metioned before my love-hate relationship with glitter. I love sparkle, but can’t stand the mess of glitter. Especially with little ones around. I can’t even begin to tell you how fast a little bit of glitter on the floor manages to multiply and winds up on clothes, beds and even heads. But I finally figured out a technique to keep glitter in place which I am super excited about! So much so, that I may use glitter even more…well, maybe!

For this glitter frame, it only takes a few easy to find supplies. And a few simple steps so lets get started.


  • unfinished frame
  • gold paint
  • gold glitter
  • school glue


    1. I started by painting the whole frame-paying special attention to the inner and outer edges. It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but I didn’t want any of the wood to show.

    1. Then I applied two coats of glitter, allowing each coat plenty of time to dry in between.

    1. The next day, I sealed the glitter on the frame with a technique that I just discovered and it works really well. At first I tried equal parts of water and glue over the glitter (like I do to seal over all my other projects) but it dulled the glitter and did not hold so well. Then I took that same mixture of equal parts glue and water and mixed in some glitter as well and…voila! The glitter held perfectly and the frame still had plenty of sparkle!! I am shocked how well it worked.

Now, I can display the frame and all of its sparkle and not have to worry about glitter shaking off all over the place!!

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