Kate Spade inspired ornament

Kate Spade inspired ornament|Diamond White Daisies

Sometimes it is nice to get some pops of bright colors on the Christmas tree, that are more than the standard red and green and gold. And as far as I am concerned, Kate Spade rarely disappoints in that department!

For the Christmas season of last year, 2015, she released a clutch that looked like this:

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Of course, it instantly caught my eye, but I didn’t really like it or really understand it as a clutch. I wanted it as an ornament to hang on my tree. I was hopeful that she would release an ornament that looked just like it this year for Christmas. However, even with all my fingers and toes crossed, it never happened. She did release a paper ornament collection that I thought was a cute idea, but now I digress.

Then yesterday, when I was looking at an unfinished wood ornamennt in my craft box, trying to decide what I wanted to finish it with…I remembered this ornament! Of course, I knew I would have to make some minor changes, like sequins instead of glitter. I can’t stand glitter rubbing off on everyone and falling off on everything. But other than that I thought this would be a fun little Christmas craft.

So here it is, Day 5


  • unfinished wood ornament
  • pink paint
  • hot pink sequins
  • hot glue gun


  1. The first thing I did was sand some of the rough edges with a little sandpaper.
  2. Next, paint the whole ornament with whatever pink paint you choose. I mixed a metallicy pink with a bright pink to get my ideal color. It may take a few coats to cover up the grain in the wood.
  3. Allow the paint to dry completely and then paint the other side.
  4. Finally, using a hot glue gun I glued large hot pink sequins on the front. I am still on the fence as to whether I want to glue some sequins on the back as well. Right now, mine is plain and I kind of like the simple look, but may change my mind later-we’ll see 😉 .
  5. If you decide you prefer glitter to the sequins, I would recommend an initial coat of half glue half water, apply the glitter and then seal it with the same combination.

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