Long Lasting Eyeliner

Long Lasting Eyeliner|Diamond White Daisies


     I just started using the most amazing eyeliner!!

It is long lasting, all natural, and super affordable. And guess what…I made it in my own home.

Anyone who has tried “all natural” eyeliners in the past, knows that: 1.they are very expensive 2. they may still have questionable ingredients and 3. they smudge within a few hours of applying (also known as raccoon eyes).
Well, from this point on I refuse to settle and so should you. This recipe is very easy to make (it only takes 2 ingredients) and it really really works.

I took pictures of myself after I applied it at 9 am and then again at 8 pm…and my eyeliner stayed put the entire time. Actually, if I’m being honest it lasted until the next morning (I may have accidentally forgot to remove it before falling asleep last night- but I don’t recommend this)

*please don't mind my dark circles-a mom of a newborn here.*
*please don’t mind my dark circles-a mom of a newborn here.*

So let’s get started, shall we.
Supplies list:

  • a small container (mine is leftover from some lotion I bought a while ago)
  • a flat eyeliner brush
  • 3 activated charcoal capsules
  • 1/8 teaspoon of organic arrowroot flour


      1. Separate charcoal capsules and pour into container (be careful this can be quite messy)


      2. Add in arrowroot flour


      3. Give a little shake


    4. Pat yourself on the back-you are all done 🙂


Tips for application:

  • Pour a little bit into the top of the container to avoid contaminating the unused portion. I usually just turn mine upside down before opening and that give me more than enough.
  • Wet your brush slightly, then dip into eyeliner
  • Shake any excess powder off
  • Apply to upper and/or lower lash line


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