My Non-Toxic Christmas: A Very Merry Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas Tree: Such Pleasure Do You Bring Me

I know it has been a while since I have posted and I sincerely apologize. Between computer problems and some family events that have taken place, it just has not been possible. However, I figured I would jump right in with some Christmas posts. I realize we still have almost two weeks until Thanksgiving, but hey if stores can start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, I can start my Christmas crafts!
Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered in sparkling bright lights and ornaments that tell a story about Christmas’ past and present. However, artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC and other toxic chemicals and then covered in flame retardants. So there will be no more artificial trees in my house. I do not want my children handling and breathing those toxic chemicals in.

I knew I needed to find a safer alternative. After searching endlessly for a couple of weeks, I could not find any options that I liked. Of course we would have to make one. But how do you make a Christmas tree??
After a trip to our local home improvement store, my husband and I decided we would put together wood dowels to form our tree.



  • 5-3 ft wood dowels
  • wood base (I decided on a round one but you can do whatever shape you like)
  • acrylic paint (I used green, gold and glitter paint)


  1. Drill a hole into the base and insert a 3 foot tall dowel. Use non-toxic wood glue to hold into place.
  2. Cut the remaining dowels into varying sizes to emulate branches. Put smaller branches up on top and bigger branches towards the bottom.
  3. My husband drilled holes into the main dowel and glued the smaller dowels in.
  4. christmastree3

  5. We then cut notches into the “branches” so we can hang multiple ornaments onto each branch
  6. A Christmas tree needs to look like a Christmas tree ( and I do not know many tan Christmas trees) so it was time to paint. We did the “branches and trunk” green with some clear glitter acrylic paint to add some sparkle.
  7. Finally, we painted the base gold.
  8. christmastree4

    It came out really well, if I do say so myself 🙂 . I am actually quite proud of our little tree and the children love it because it is something that we made together. I really hope that we can use it for many Christmases to come!!

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