Holly Jolly Holly Ornament


“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…”

Well, I am back with Day 3 of my 6 Days of DIY Christmas. This one may be my favorite ornament so far 🙂 . I found these really cute holly sequins at Michaels the other day. While I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with them, I knew that they would look really nice on some sort of Christmas project.
Holly leaves and berries are some of my favorite Christmas decorations (besides for the Christmas tree of course)! I think they are really pretty and add the perfect Christmas pop. I would still like to figure out more projects to do with these cute little sequins. But until then here is my Holly Jolly Holly Ornament!!
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Williams-Sonoma Metallic Swirl Ornament


“On the Second Day of Christmas I DIYed… a Metallic Swirl Ornament”

The first time I saw these ornaments was last year. I was in the mall looking at everything Christmas. While in Williams-Sonoma, buying cookie cutters, I spotted their Metallic Swirl Ball Ornaments. It is a clear ornament with gold etching going around it in a ribbon-like fashion. While very pretty, at $75 for a pack of 4, I just couldn’t do it. Then the Christmas season passed and I forgot all about them.
Until the other day, when I was back at Williams-Sonoma and spooted them again!
So I went home and thought about how I would make my own version. I have yet to find a non-toxic etching set, so I knew that was out of the question.

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Noel Glitter Ornament


“On the first day of Christmas I DIY-ed…A Noel Glitter Ornament”

Welcome to Day 1 of my 6 Days of Christmas Do-It-Yourself posts. I figured I would start off with a simple to make DIY ornament that looks very classy hanging on any Christmas tree…A Noel Glitter Ornament. You only need a couple of items and about 5 minutes to make this cute ornament.
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My Non-Toxic Christmas: A Very Merry Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas Tree: Such Pleasure Do You Bring Me

I know it has been a while since I have posted and I sincerely apologize. Between computer problems and some family events that have taken place, it just has not been possible. However, I figured I would jump right in with some Christmas posts. I realize we still have almost two weeks until Thanksgiving, but hey if stores can start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, I can start my Christmas crafts!
Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered in sparkling bright lights and ornaments that tell a story about Christmas’ past and present. However, artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC and other toxic chemicals and then covered in flame retardants. So there will be no more artificial trees in my house. I do not want my children handling and breathing those toxic chemicals in.
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Shabby Chic Photo Frame


Do you love the shabby chic look as much as I do?

This is my second Shabby Chic inspired post, in as many days (if you are interested here is my shabby chic wreath). I just can’t get enough of the pastel colors and vintage, classic look. And in case you can’t tell I also love personalizing photo frames (see my Tiffany & Co. inspired one here and my Lily Pulitzer inspired one here). So, it only makes sense to make a shabby chic frame.

I think this frame would look very nice next to a vase of pale pink roses (look for that post coming soon *wink,wink*) over the fireplace. And like all of my crafts, this is another simple one. In just a couple steps and with just a few items, you will have a pretty frame that meets all your Shabby Chic needs.
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Shabby Chic Wreath


I have really been on a Vintage-y, Shabby Chic kick lately. I even told my husband that I want to live in a cute cottage, in the woods, just like Snow White. And I would decorate it in floor to ceiling shabby chic decor…hey, a girl can dream, can’t she. I think that this shabby chic wreath would be perfect on the front door of my dream cottage. But for now it has found its place on the door of my bedroom. Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Diapers

Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Diapers|Diamond White Daisies

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my weekend. Everything was going smoothly, the same way every weekend before it has. And then somehow, completely out of the blue, the unthinkable happened! I managed to run out of diapers! Oh no, after a moment of shock and disbelief, I knew what I needed to do. Obviously there was not enough time for me to place an order online, so it was time for me to make a diaper run…dun dun dun!
But fear not, this little adventure has presented me with the unique opportunity to review some of the brands that I would not have tried if it weren’t for my poor lack of planning.
I am very picky when it comes to the items that come into close contact with my babies. As you can see from my list of top baby picks here. Especially with something that comes into such close contact with very delicate skin.
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Nourishing Pink Salt Spray

Nourishing Pink Salt Spray|Diamond White Daisies


/thalassotherapy/: the use of salt water as a therapeutic treatment

The other day I was sitting around thinking about my memories of going to the Jersey Shore as a child. Mixed in with my memories of splashing in the water with cousins and collecting seashells in the sand was the interesting thing my Grandma would always do. She never used to like going into the water; however, she would always make sure to go down to the water for just a moment and take a handful of water and splash it in her face and then continue to splash some sea water all over her body, before finding her place back in the sand.
It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I decided to ask her about the reason she would do this on our yearly beach trip. My Grandmother’s response was a typical one. She smiled and said “My mother always used to tell me that the sea water keeps your skin young. Trust me it works because she never had any wrinkles”
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Tiffany&Co. Inspired Photo Frame

Tiffany&Co. Inspired Photo Frame| Diamond White Daisies

“If I could find a real-life place that’d make me feel like Tiffany’s, then – then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name! ” -Breakfast at Tiffanys

There is just something so classic and timeless about that little blue box wrapped in a white satin bow. Especially when it contains something sparkly!
I tried to re-create that look to display on the shelf in our family room. It was really easy to make and super affordable. I only needed a few supplies to turn an unfinished frame into a frame that is fit for any Tiffany fan.
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Simple, Two Step Pedicure


This Little Piggy went to Market, This Little Piggy stayed Home…and gave herself a Two Step Pedicure

Hooray!! Summer is right around the corner. Day dreams of barbecues, pool parties and ice cold lemonade are almost a reality. But before I break out my flip flops and sandals for the season, I need to give my feet a little special attention. Hour long pedicures at the nail salon are a thing of the past, for me. With three young children to care for I barely have 10 minutes to myself. So that is exactly why I give my feet some necessary pampering in as little as 5 minutes. That’s right, you are just two simple steps away from smooth touchable toes.
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