Glass Jar Vase

Make Something Old… New Again!!
I always get a little excited when I finish a jar of something, anything really! I am also a little weird- I guess. Once the jar is emptied it can then be used for something else. And hopefully it is something more fun than its use before.

Now, I am not going to lie I have a cabinet full of empty jars that just get used over and over to store leftovers- not very fun I know. But it serves a purpose and makes my life easier. Plus these kind of jars save a lot of space in the refrigerator.

But every now and then I finish a jar that does not have a good top- you know the type. They are kind of thin and are not really reusable. Kind of like the ones you find on jam or baby food. Now, those jars I get to use for fun crafts.

The first step is always the same thoroughly clean out the inside and outside. Some jars are harder to clean out than others (I’m looking at you peanut butter). And sometimes those labels really do fight you. I actually find it easiest to remove as much of the label as I can and then soak it over night in water to remove any left over glue or paper. And if all else fails a tiny bit of coconut oil will remove the last little bit of sticky label that is holding on for dear life.

Once cleaned you need a plan of action. I was looking for some new vases. It actually turned out that these particular jars were not high enough in the end- so they now sit on my desk holding pens and pencils and other desk doo-dads.

Using some gold glass enamel paint and a simple “stencil” cut out of some paper I added some gold polka dots to one a la Kate Spade. It was really simple and adds an extra hint of gold to my white workspace.

On the other glass jar I took some silver glass enamel paint and free handed a big heart. This one holds the pens and

I was really just looking for a simple way to recycle some old jars and this was a really simple way to decorate some old jars. Now I have some cute storage jars for my desk.

Of course, the best part is I can always find a pen when I need one now. I swear I have pen gremlins living at my house sometimes, snatching up all my loose pens.

Now I am on the search for a taller glass jar to make a pretty vase- wish me luck.

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