Shabby Chic Photo Frame


Do you love the shabby chic look as much as I do?

This is my second Shabby Chic inspired post, in as many days (if you are interested here is my shabby chic wreath). I just can’t get enough of the pastel colors and vintage, classic look. And in case you can’t tell I also love personalizing photo frames (see my Tiffany & Co. inspired one here and my Lily Pulitzer inspired one here). So, it only makes sense to make a shabby chic frame.

I think this frame would look very nice next to a vase of pale pink roses (look for that post coming soon *wink,wink*) over the fireplace. And like all of my crafts, this is another simple one. In just a couple steps and with just a few items, you will have a pretty frame that meets all your Shabby Chic needs.



  • light pink cardstock to make the rosettes
  • light blue acrylic paint
  • unfinished frame
  • hot glue gun



  1. The first step is to make the rosettes. Basically you are just cutting out a circle and then cutting a spiral into it. Then you want to fold the edges of the spiral up slightly. And finally roll it up. I found a really nice tutorial here.
  2. shabbychicframe5

  3. Next, paint the whole frame in light blue acrylic paint. Making sure to paint the inside and outside edges as well. Allow a few minutes to dry and then seal the paint.
  4. shabbychicframe6

  5. Finally, glue the rosettes onto opposite corners, 3 on the upper and 1 on the lower (or wherever you like) using just a dab of hot glue. I found through trial and error it is easier to apply the glue directly onto the rosette as opposed to on the frame and placing the rosette into the glue.

And I know you can’t wait to see what other simple shabby chic projects I have coming up real soon.


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