Shabby Chic Wreath


I have really been on a Vintage-y, Shabby Chic kick lately. I even told my husband that I want to live in a cute cottage, in the woods, just like Snow White. And I would decorate it in floor to ceiling shabby chic decor…hey, a girl can dream, can’t she. I think that this shabby chic wreath would be perfect on the front door of my dream cottage. But for now it has found its place on the door of my bedroom.

I originally wanted to make a shabby chic wreath using a floral print ribbon that I had found at Michael’s, but it just didn’t look right no matter what I tried. From there, I went on to have a few different ideas-none of which had the look I wanted. Finally, I think I found something that I love. It is the perfect blend of girly and vintage. And once I found all of my supplies (thank you ribbon drawer), it only took me about 10 minutes to put together.
Normally I take a picture of the supplies, before I get started but as I mentioned before, this wreath was going to start out as something totally different and the supplies would have been different as well. So Sorry about that. But here’s the list of supplies anyway.


  • wreath form -I used a 12″ straw wreath. I stay away from the foam wreath forms because they are not eco-friendly and can potentially off-gas harmful toxins
  • white satin ribbon
  • lace ribbon
  • 3/8″ pink ribbon
  • glass beads
  • glue gun



  1. Wrap wreath in white satin ribbon. I used wired ribbon because that is what I happened to have around. It took about 1 and 1/2 rolls for me. This will vary based on how you wrap your wreath and and how wide your ribbon is. Be sure to glue the edges down so they stay put.
  2. shabbychicwreath3

  3. Next, wrap the lace ribbon around the wreath. I approximately wrapped it around every second or third line of white ribbon. And glue these edges down as well.
  4. Then wrap the pink ribbon along the outside edge of the lace ribbon and glue the edges together
  5. shabbychicwreath4

  6. Finally, randomly glue some glass beads in between the ribbon and glue a small piece of ribbon onto the back of the wreath so it can hang.

    There, now wasn’t that easy. It is effortlessy Shabby Chic!

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