Nourishing Pink Salt Spray

Nourishing Pink Salt Spray|Diamond White Daisies


/thalassotherapy/: the use of salt water as a therapeutic treatment

The other day I was sitting around thinking about my memories of going to the Jersey Shore as a child. Mixed in with my memories of splashing in the water with cousins and collecting seashells in the sand was the interesting thing my Grandma would always do. She never used to like going into the water; however, she would always make sure to go down to the water for just a moment and take a handful of water and splash it in her face and then continue to splash some sea water all over her body, before finding her place back in the sand.
It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I decided to ask her about the reason she would do this on our yearly beach trip. My Grandmother’s response was a typical one. She smiled and said “My mother always used to tell me that the sea water keeps your skin young. Trust me it works because she never had any wrinkles”
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Nourishing Pink Salt Spray”


Simple, Two Step Pedicure


This Little Piggy went to Market, This Little Piggy stayed Home…and gave herself a Two Step Pedicure

Hooray!! Summer is right around the corner. Day dreams of barbecues, pool parties and ice cold lemonade are almost a reality. But before I break out my flip flops and sandals for the season, I need to give my feet a little special attention. Hour long pedicures at the nail salon are a thing of the past, for me. With three young children to care for I barely have 10 minutes to myself. So that is exactly why I give my feet some necessary pampering in as little as 5 minutes. That’s right, you are just two simple steps away from smooth touchable toes.
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Simple, Two Step Pedicure”


Long Lasting Eyeliner

Long Lasting Eyeliner|Diamond White Daisies


     I just started using the most amazing eyeliner!!

It is long lasting, all natural, and super affordable. And guess what…I made it in my own home.

Anyone who has tried “all natural” eyeliners in the past, knows that: 1.they are very expensive 2. they may still have questionable ingredients and 3. they smudge within a few hours of applying (also known as raccoon eyes).
Well, from this point on I refuse to settle and so should you. This recipe is very easy to make (it only takes 2 ingredients) and it really really works.
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Long Lasting Eyeliner”