Kate Spade inspired Glitter Frame

“She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” -Kate Spade
I make no secret about my love of all things Kate Spade! Between the sparkle and the bows and the polka dots! It’s all so girly and bright! And the fact that I can have Kate Spade for my daily bag, my shoes, in my kitchen and on my mantle it can be kind of hard to resist sometimes!! However; I realize that sometimes a frame is just a frame. And a frame covered in gold glitter is still just a frame covered in gold glitter- especially if it is without a Kate Spade ♠️ label on the front.
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Kate Spade inspired Glitter Frame”


Kate Spade inspired file folders

Kate Spade inspired file folders|Diamond White Daisies

Ahhh, spring is finally here. And with the warm air, birdies chirping and flowers blooming comes the cleaning. For me, the first place I thought to start was the dreaded file cabinet. I have papers stuffed in there from possibly six or more years ago that I am sure I don’t need anymore. And the worst part is, when I go in there to find papers I know I put in there it is as if they have vanished into thin air.
So my mission is a two step process. Step 1: toss out the old papers and Step 2: organize the papers I need to keep into the correct folders. Ugh…I would much rather be sitting outside enjoying the nice weather headed my way 😉
To make this job more enjoyable I knew that I needed to brighten up those plain old manila folders- so that is exactly what I did. A while back I noticed Kate Spade sold file folders that came with gold stripes and gold polka dots…I loved them a lot, with the exception of the high price tag. But I knew they would be an easy thing to emulate. I started with the stripe ones. Kate Spade’s were just plain horizontal lines-I decided to make them a little more exciting I would make mine diagonal.
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Kate Spade inspired file folders”