Tiffany&Co. Inspired Ornament

Tiffany&Co. Inspired Ornament| Diamond White Daisies

I may not find any Tiffany blue under my tree this year, but at least I can have some Tiffany blue on my tree!

I always find it interesting to see how the final product of a project turns out compared to how I originally imagined it. Sometimes the project just does not work at all and other times what I thought would work turns out to be a complete fail.

When I first thought about this ornament, I was going to hand paint a white “ribbon” onto the ornament and then use an over-sized white satin bow in the middle. Well that idea (a) was really difficult to create and (b) just did not look right.

So it was onto plan B!! And with a couple of strips of small white satin ribbon and a little glue…my Tiffany & Co. inspired ornament finally came together!!

So without further ado… Here is Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas DIYs!!


  • oversized glass ornament
  • robins egg blue acrylic paint
  • 3/8″ white satin ribbon
  • glue gun


  1. Fill ornament with a small amount of acrylic paint- a little goes a long way! Make sure to swirl the paint around the whole ornament so no spaces are missed. Once the ornament is filled with paint, turn the ornament upside down, allowing any excess paint to drip out.
  2. Next, cut two strips of ribbon. I used an 11 1/2″ strip for the vertical piece and 12″ for the horizontal piece. Attach the ribbon by applying a small amount of hot glue to the top bottom and the other side of the top for the vertical. For the horizontal ribbon I attached both sides to the middle.
  3. Finally out of the same white ribbon, cut another strip and make a bow. I made mine by folding it in half and using the tail end to wrap around the center.
  4. Then all you have left to do is glue the bow onto the center of the ribbon

And now you have a perfectly wrapped Tiffany&Co inspired ornament!!

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