Williams-Sonoma Metallic Swirl Ornament


“On the Second Day of Christmas I DIYed… a Metallic Swirl Ornament”

The first time I saw these ornaments was last year. I was in the mall looking at everything Christmas. While in Williams-Sonoma, buying cookie cutters, I spotted their Metallic Swirl Ball Ornaments. It is a clear ornament with gold etching going around it in a ribbon-like fashion. While very pretty, at $75 for a pack of 4, I just couldn’t do it. Then the Christmas season passed and I forgot all about them.
Until the other day, when I was back at Williams-Sonoma and spooted them again!
So I went home and thought about how I would make my own version. I have yet to find a non-toxic etching set, so I knew that was out of the question.

Then it occurred to me…metallic gold ribbon would work perfectly!!



  • metallic gold ribbon
  • clear glass ornaments
  • glue gun



  1. Cut ribbon into 6 inch strips
  2. Attach the ribbon onto the ornament using a glue gun. Only apply a small amount of glue to the top and then to the bottom.
  3. I used a toothpick to remove some of the extra glue while it was still hot-so that I didn’t have a huge glob of glue at the bottom of my ornament
  4. I wrapped 2 strips of ribbon around my ornament, attempting to give it a slight swirl.
  5. metallicswirlornament4

    While it does not look exactly the same as the one in the store, I still think that it is a nice ornament. And it looks very pretty hanging on my tree.

    You can also see Day 1 of my 12 Days of Christmas DIY’s here.

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